About Me

Welcome! It's me Jasmin. Honestly a page about me is a little funny! Am I really that interesting? I have been shooting since 2012 and fell in love with the idea of freezing moments of emotions. I started with shooting anything and everything and slowly realized that emotion is what I love to capture the most. In my journey I have attended numerous classes, workshops, styled shoots, mentorships, and even teaching of my own to others. I love to learn and continue to further my education with photography.


In addition to my photography journey, I have developed values and what is important to me when I shoot every wedding, family session, portrait and more. The eight core values for me are: family, love, fun, humor, adventure, kindness, respect, and openness. These values are something I focus on with every session I shoot. I strive to capture moments rather than traditional images. Interactive and real moments are something that spark a memory and feeling for years to come. So, if you feel the same way I would love to be your best friend, just kidding. I would however, love to capture those moments for you.


Please visit my contact page to connect with me and we can chat about our love for life and beautiful fun images that are so important. 

Take care, 


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