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How To Plan A Stress-Free Elopement In Waskesiu

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

There’s something to be said for fairytales. The sort of other-worldly quality they obtain. They’re always full of sweeping romances and epic landscapes, they leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart, and in their own way, they renew your faith in love.

While I’m not one to assume, I think it’s fairly safe to say that nearly everyone has their own version of what their dream wedding will look like. Maybe it all started from the first time you put your pillowcase over your head like a veil and threw a fake bouquet to your stuffed animals, or maybe you never once considered a dream wedding until that engagement ring was in front of you. No matter where the fairy tale starts, though, we know where it ends.

Happily ever after.

Which is what I’m here to help you achieve. Whatever version of that fairytale may be, having an amazing location to do it is a big start. And when it comes to sweeping landscapes, big skies and fairy tale settings, there’s no place to elope quite like Waskesiu.

With views like these, everything is stress-free when you elope in Waskesiu

How To Plan A Stress-Free Elopement In Waskesiu

When you’re in Waskesiu, it almost feels like you’ve traveled back in time. Back to a time when the houses were simple log cabins, built by hand by the family that lived in it. A time when nature is still fresh, pristine, and seemingly untouched by human hands.

It feels like the kind of place where everyone is going to know everyone else and greet you with a smile. Waskesiu is a secret gem, a hidden treasure and in its own special way – a fairytale come true.

Now that I’ve sold you on where we need to take a look at the rest of the questions. The main components you need to look at in order to make your wedding happen as smoothly as possible. We’ll take a look at quite a few things, but the main ones we’ll touch on are things like:

  1. How to plan an elopement in Waskesiu?

  2. Where to elope in Waskesiu?

  3. Can you elope in Waskesiu?

Most importantly though, and where we will begin is…

Can You Elope In Waskesiu?

Probably the most important question, right!? LOL

Well, the short answer is yes. You can absolutely elope in Waskesiu, and based on what I’ve said here thus far – you definitely should! The long answer, though, is a bit more complicated. There are certain things you have to have in order first to make sure you can get hitched without a … well … hitch.

You have to purchase a Saskatchewan marriage license in order to get married in Waskesiu, which at the moment costs $60 Canadian dollars. Once you purchase the marriage license, it’s effective from that day forward, and is only considered valid for 90 days. This means that while pre-planning is your friend most of the time, in this instance, don’t plan too far ahead and purchase the license that much in advance! Also, your clergy or registrant marrying you must be registered to marry someone in Saskatchewan, so make sure you pre-plan for that as well.

While those are the biggest requirements, they’re not the only ones. Though some may not pertain to you specifically, just in case, you can take a look at the full list of requirements through the Saskatchewan government website for further details. It will also show you a variety of places where you can purchase the license itself.

How To Plan An Elopement In Waskesiu

Okay, we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about my favorite part. Photography! I know, I can’t help it! When it comes to planning your big day, thinking about the kind of photos you’d like to have from your event is paramount.

We have to think about what time of year would be best for the theme you want. Are you more of a moody winter wonderland person? A dreamer who longs for a Spring-time romance? Into some Summer lovin’, or maybe you just want to aim for a time that’s perfect for Fall-in in love? Whatever the season, the seasons definitely play into wedding photography – and it is yet another reason that I am a Waskesiu wedding advocate.

Elopement photography in Waskesiu is magical no matter what time of year because everywhere you look is beautiful. The crystalline lake, the quaint town with its restaurants that offer comfort and love in every bite, the semi-private beaches you can sneak away to for a candid photo shoot – no matter what time of year.


While the weather isn’t a hindrance to amazing photos – and in fact in winter wonderland-scapes can be a true blessing – it can be a hindrance to the overall planning. If you were aiming for a winter month wedding, it would be best for us to sit down and deep dive into the routes we might have to take, the best way to get to where we want to be, and the warmest way to achieve it all – clothing included. Luckily, that’s why I’m here! Where there’s a will, and a Jasmin, there’s a way!

It’s truly a winter wonderland in Waskesiu, Saskatchewan with scenery as pure as the driven snow.


Where To Elope In Waskesiu

Much like the seasons, where to elope in Waskesiu is really about preference. Are you an indoor or an outdoor person? Would you rather a sunny beach, or a misty forest? Rustic or modern?

I know, I keep asking questions, but I promise I have the answers too! These are just all the fun things we get to think about together. I like to ask as many questions to make sure that I understand what you need and want most out of your big moment. With that said! Let’s combine the best of both worlds, and look at one of my favorite all-around choices for a Waskesiu elopement.

The great thing about Elk Ridge Resort? It manages to keep you from having to choose between indoor and outdoor, rustic and modern. The space itself is full of natural light from the amazing setting that surrounds it, but inside it’s simple, modern, sleek – all while maintaining a rustic edge. A brilliant balance between masculine and feminine, in a way, which I really love. Plus, the Elk Ridge Resort also has one of the best elopement packages in Waskesiu, with an on-site staff to ensure that you are taken care of every moment leading up to your big day.

`No words needed for how gorgeous a space the Elk Ridge Resort in Waskesiu is.

If an outdoor vibe is more what you’re looking for, there are plenty of places to look between the beaches and the forests of the area. While there are a few main beaches that are fairly large tourist attractions, there are a couple more tucked away spots that offer a somewhat more private, but just as beautiful, spot for your elopement photography. Here’s a short list, though there are plenty more places for us to explore as we dive further into it.

Paignton Beach

This out of the way beach has a mixture of glorious sunsets, quiet beaches, and a myriad of wildlife who might be willing to jump in an impromptu photo shoot.

Namekus Lake

Reflective waters, fall colours, spring flowers, moody cloudscapes and brilliant sunshine. There aren’t a lot of bad times to visit this ever-changing lake, as each season and weather brings a unique beauty and possibility for stunning elopement photography.

Boundary Bog

This water side spot has a mixture of beach and forest, replete with hiking trails and a beautiful, wood planked walkway that seems to extend into the forest forever and follow the lake. Perfect photo spots literally everywhere.

Narrows Peninsula Trail

This forest spot is full of flora, fauna and is a forager’s dream as it houses an abundance of fungus ranging from the fairly common to the rare.

Nature hikes and river strolls should definitely be on the elopement itinerary, Waskesiu luckily, is known for having both.

Also, I’ll be honest – when it comes to planning, one thing I always look at is where to eat. I think we all get it. Food is comforting, it’s nourishing, and when you’re in a place that you’ve never been, it's good to have a heads up where to go. Helpful hint? Wherever you do decide to elope in Waskesiu, it couldn’t hurt to have one of the photo spots near Restaurant Pietro or Pete’s Terrace aka Pete’s Pizza.

Just, you know, throwing that out there.

Waskesiu is truly something special. A place that can barely be described, despite all the waxing poetic I just did about it. Truly, it’s a place that should be experienced – during your wedding! Let’s take some time together to sit down and really sketch out the goals, dreams, ideas and visions you have to make your Waskesiu wedding perfect.

You can contact me on my website 24/7 and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Let’s make your fairytale wedding a real-life moment that we capture together.

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