Keeping Wedding Photography Simple: How to Book, Shoot, and Deliver your First Wedding
in 6 Easy Steps

Have you wanted to start shooting weddings, but you don't know where to begin?

Think about this...booking your first wedding and feeling so confident. You walk into the wedding day knowing you have the right gear, a solid timeline, and knowing your clients so well it feels like your bffs.


Imagine this...

Booking your first wedding, shooting, delivering, and coming out with an amazing review!

  • Stop hoping someone will book you for their wedding.

  • Stop drooling over IG posts from other wedding photographers and wishing a client will decide to book you.

  • Stop telling yourself, "one day, when I'm ready..."

Keeping Wedding Photography Simple: How to Book, Shoot, and Deliver your First Wedding

A 90 minute digital course for photographers who want to jump into wedding photography, but don't know where to start.


 What is included? 

  • 90 Minute Digital Course

You don't have to sit at your computer screen for hours and hours. Grab a coffee and settle in for a jam-packed course that will leave you excited to get out and start shooting weddings!

  • Six Modules

Module One: Create a Portfolio

Module Two: Marketing

Module Three: Pricing

Module Four: Booking

Module Five: Shooting a Wedding

Module Six: Delivery

  • Downloadable PDF Workbook

Write down all of your notes during the course using this workbook. It also includes some email templates to help book your first wedding clients.


Seriously, just 6 easy steps to shooting weddings!


Pay in Full

Payment Plan

This course is for you if...

  • You adore love stories

  • You understand how to use your DSLR camera on manual

  • You wanted to get started into shooting weddings but you are terrified of capturing someone's big day

  • You feel lost on where to begin your wedding photography journey

  • You want an easy way to get into the wedding photography industry

Meet Your Coach


I am a teacher, turned photographer, turned photo mentor. I have been a wedding photographer since 2014 and love everything about capturing love stories. I solely believe in community and serving others with valuable and tangible information to up level their business!

Ready to Start Shooting Weddings ASAP?

Let me help give you the roadmap to get there

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Scrolling your phone and telling your bff all about your drive to shoot weddings, isn't going to make you shoot a wedding.

Let's be honest.... if you don't take action you won't get what you want! It's just that simple.


Say, "Hell Yes!" to yourself, you won't regret it. I get it investing anything in yourself, especially as a business owner is scary, but staying in one place is terrifying. Trust me, it's worth it. A year from now you, will want to give you a big ol' hug for taking the time to say, "let's do it"