Offering photography mentorships in Prince Albert, SK and beyond!

Whatever stage of photography you are in, it can be difficult to navigate where to go next, what information is valuable, and who to ask! Seriously, I get it, because I've been there too!

Have you ever just thought, "I just want to learn this... or I wish I could just find out how to do this..." or maybe you are just stuck and you need a little help. 

Don't worry, I got you!

My mentorships always start with you! I ask you what you want and we plan from there! 

I offer three different packages to choose from, AND you don't have to be in Prince Albert to book, it's just so dang easy for you!

So if you want to invest in yourself let's chat further!

Next steps....

1. Hit the, "Book Me" button below

2. Fill out the contact form, be sure to select mentorship session.

3. Wait 24-48 hours to hear from me.

4. I will send you all my info!

5. Let's start planning something amazing!