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My Very First Blog

Welcome! I am going to take on blogging as another way to connect with all of you. I believe that this will be a great way to share who I am as a photographer, but also as a person. So here it is, my first blog (yikes!).

I love photography, dogs, shopping, my husband, our home, and to travel. I am a Pintrest fanatic, who probably has more Pintrest fails than successes, but I am a firm believer in, "If you fail, try try again!" I mean until I get frustrated and just fall in love with the picture instead of what I attempted to create. I also love to be creative. Photography has been my creative outlet. I am able to feel like I can express my creativity through the images that I take. Be sure to look for future posts on creative shoots coming up soon!

Finally, thank you! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, tell others about my services, and believing in me. There will be a lot of changes coming up for JC Photography and I am looking forward to sharing each and every one of them with you.

All the best,


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