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Mommy and Me

On Saturday May 28th, I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with some wonderful ladies and their kiddos. All ladies were so welcoming and so willing to try all of my ideas. Along with the fantastic moms were their kids. Each and every one of them were so different and unique. Some quiet and some outgoing. This is what I about photography, I get to work with so many different people and I get to capture their personalities through the images that I take.

The first session was with Lisa and her girls, Addison and Avery. These girls were so sweet and adorable. Avery was shy at first, but she didn't hesitate when I asked her to give her mom a hug and often gave her a kiss on the cheek as well. Addison jumped right in! She started off with the biggest smiles and kept them coming!

Next came Courtney and her spontaneous, hilarious, and cute three kids, Aubrey, Torbin, and Marin. These kids made me laugh from start to finish. From their hilarious jokes to the way the hugged/tackled their mom when I asked them to all gather around and give her a nice hug. They kept me on my toes and I loved it.

Lastly was Kirsten and her two little gentlemen, Tye and Ryder. They started off quiet, but soon became more comfortable. These two boys were so sweet with their mom. They even spent time finding the right flowers to give her during the session. Once they found the right flower, they continuously reminded her to keep them safe and not to step on them. It was adorable to say the least!

In the end, I loved doing these sessions! I will definitely continue this in the future. Often at times, mothers are always the ones taking the pictures, rather than being in them. It was great to see these moms step in front of the camera and share the moment with their children. I also came to the conclusion that doing the session at a ball park with a playground near by was the best idea, I think the moms could agree on that as well!

All the best,


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