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Graduation: Cassie

I have the most beautiful clients! Cassie is such a wonderful girl! She is continuing her education in the fall at the University of Saskatchewan and I have no doubts that she will be amazing. Now on to the session!

First Cassie and I took a trip to Little Red River Park. As I scanned the beautiful park there was a hidden path just to the right of the bridge. Cassie was a natural and giving her any direction was minimal as she knew exactly what she was doing (whether she admitted it or not). After we were done with our hidden path we moved onto the bridge. As I steadied myself numerous times, adjusting my camera bag to ensure it didn't fall into the river, Cassie continued with such grace.

Our final stop was a quiet street downtown. We took advantage of the cool brick buildings as a backdrop. I am sucker for anything old and interesting. Cassie did a fantastic job and I am so happy with the images that were taken. Below is a peek into her session.

Good luck in your future Cassie! I wish you all the best in the fall.



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