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Candle Lake Engagement: Lake Love

Have you always wanted to do a session at a lake? I'm going to give you a few little tips to help you plan your session! First, our summer days are long, which means be prepared to work around the hardcore beach goers that beach all day and into the evening. If it's a public beach you can't do much about that, but hope they stay out of your way. Shooting takes place in the early evening, beaches are beautiful, but they are also bright, so shooting when the sun is lower and softer gives you a lot of chances to play around with the light and avoid squinting. Next, if your plan is to go into the water, start on land first and take advantage of the beach and greenery around and then head into the water, that way you don't have to worry about getting too wet. finally, bring an extra pair of clothes to change into as well as a towel, nothing feels worse then riding home in a wet pair of jeans! So there you have it, a few tips for a lake session. I am always game to venture to a lake and explore, if this sounds like you, go ahead and click on my "BOOK ME" page and we can chat further! Can't wait to hear from you!

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