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Prince Albert Extended Family Session: What the Heck do we Wear?

I am not a fan of blue jeans and black t-shirts. there is a difference of matching too much! There is Nothing I love more than a extended family session, the bonus is when they all coordinate! This beautiful family chose four colours and mixed and matched between each family. they decided on pink, blue, beige, and white. They had a few patterns but kept them really subtle, which avoided the images being to busy or distracting. Another great thing they did was mix the different lengths of clothing styles. Some had maxi dresses, while others had short dresses, some had shorts, while others had pants. Some had hats and hair accessories and some went without. This coordination allowed the session to look cohesive without looking like they all tried to look like the same person. Well done! They used my style guide, which is provided to all of my clients as well as a session guide to help them plan ahead stress free. If you want to book your session, you get this service as well! Go ahead and click on my "Book me" page to inquire about booking a session. I can't wait to hear from you soon!

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