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5 Awesome Tips on Surviving Your Winter Engagement Session in the Prince Albert National Park!

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Saskatchewan winters can be brutal to shoot in, but with the right preparations it can be so enjoyable!

Tip #1 - Bring winter boots

Wear your sorels or hunter boots to the location and then switch to your cute booties once you get to the place where your session will take place. This will prevent your pants and shoes from getting full of snow!

Tip #2 - Wear your jacket

Wear your jacket and mitts right up until you get your photo taken and in between if you need too. There is no sense in freezing on the way to your session.

Tip #3 - Bring hand + feet warmers

Seriously! Stick them in your shoes, bra, and hold them in your hands! This will make the cold so much more manageable.

Tip #4 - Layer up

If you have leggings or a long johns, but them under your pants or dress. AS long as they don't bulk up in any places, go for it. Everyone is happier when they are warm, so layer up my friend!

Tip #5 - Reschedule if you need too

If the weather is just too cold, reschedule! In fact, camera gear can freeze up if it is not properly taken care of during the session. So, if you can reschedule to a warmer day you fingers and toes will thank you!

Capture the magic of a Saskatchewan winter

I am always up for a winter engagement session! Although, if the weather is freezing, reschedule! And always remember to layer up, bring your boots and winter jacket, and pack hand warmers.

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