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5 Secrets for Finding your Perfect Wedding Dress at W Bridal?

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

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Searching for your wedding dress is an experience! Today, Kim the owner from W Bridal in Saskatoon is sharing all the goodies with finding your dream dress!

She is all about the experience, I have brides continually rave about how wonderful their experience was at her shop! I am so thankful she has shared some helpful tips to find your beautiful gown!

Tip #1 - shop early

We suggest starting the shopping process one year in advance and making sure your gown is ordered with no less than ten months in advance to avoid additional fees. With that said, there are many other ways to find a dress that make shorter timeframes still very easy to work with! The tightest timeframes we’ve worked with is less than 24 hours!

Tip #2 - give yourself some time

Ordering in a wedding gown takes six months, now this answer can vary from shop-to-shop It's best to confirm those details before booking your appointment. Also, there are gowns available for immediate purchase to side step the ordering process!

"Ordering in a wedding gown takes six months." – Kim, W Bridal

Tip #3 - Alterations

In Saskatoon the average time for the alteration process is 2.5-3 months, I suggest reaching out to schedule your first fitting about 4.5 months in advance of your wedding to ensure maximum appointment flexibility.

Tip #4 - bring all the things

A solid crew, a positive attitude, an open mind and wear underwear!

Tip #5 - tell us what you want

Communicate… that goes for life too! As consultants we want to know if there is something more or different we could be doing to ensure your experience is the best possible, never is it our intention for it to be less than the best for you! If we seem to be missing the mark of picking dress styles, not engaging enough with your guests, not asking enough questions… we want to do and be the best for you and communication is such a key part of making that happen!

There you have it!

AMAZING!!! I hope you found these helpful! If you want to visit Kim and all the wonderful consultants at W Bridal you can visit their website at www.wbridals.ca connect of social @wbridal or go right to the shop 142 2nd Ave Saskatoon, SK.

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