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How to Pull Off the Ultimate Surprise Wedding!

You want to pull off the ultimate surprise?! Plan a wedding without any friends are family knowing. Seriously! The look of shock and excitement on their faces will be something you will NEVER forget. That is exactly what Mic + Nicole did. They planned what everyone thought was a birthday party for Nicole, but actually was a wedding. How freakin' cool is that?!

We kept this secret for months! With only a handful of people knowing. The day of the wedding, myself along with a team of wonderful creatives surrounded Nicole with love and support while she got ready. I tied her into her dress, and away she went to do personal and heartfelt vows with Mic and her little girls right by their side. Following Mic went ahead and greeted all the guests and made everyone believe this was a gathering for Nicole's birthday.

When Nicole arrived, she wanted to surprise her parents first, so they could then walk her down the aisle. This moment brought tears to my eyes, the look of excitement, joy, and pride they had for her was indescribable. After the tears were wiped and the initial shock that their daughter was getting married settled, they walked her down the aisle.

This is when is gets even better! As Nicole and her parents came down the aisle the room filed with gasps and cheers! Everyone was so surprised. I had goosebumps from my heads to my toes.

They continued the evening with saying, "I Do's" and dancing the night away, and signing off with a sparkler exit.

Together they pulled off the ultimate surprise.

Mic + Nicole celebrated at Rock Trout Event Centre in PRince Albert, SK.

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