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Why You Should Do an Engagement Session Near Water in Saskatchewan!

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Sometimes the thought of doing a photo session near water seems like a recipe for disaster....that is so far from the truth! It actually sets the scene for a romantic, almost whimsical experience.

1. The reflection

The water is like a natural reflector! It is can bounce off light, mirror subject or the sky. Which creates a really beautiful effect for couples, and ultimately leads to a gorgeous canvas image.

2. Fun and Flirty

Getting in the water with your babes is always a good idea! splash, run, and dancing in the water gives all, "The Notebook" vibes!

3. The contrast

The contrast between the water and the greens is so rich and beautiful! It adds a definite romantic element to every image!

If you have the choice, choose your engagement session near water! The images will be AMAZING!

Image above was taken along in the North Saskatchewan River in Prince Albert, SK

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