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How to Start a Photography Business in Saskatchewan, Canada

How to Start a Photography Business in Saskatchewan, Canada

Are you wondering… How do I start a photography business in Saskatchewan? And do I need to register my business in Saskatchewan? This blog has alllll the answers you need!! I have good news for you: Even though it’s a lengthy process to get your business license in Saskatchewan, it’s pretty simple!!

If you want to start a photography business legally, here’s how!

Disclaimer: This isn't legal advice, always talk to your accountant and lawyer!

Do I Need to Register My Business in Saskatchewan?

Yes, you do!! Here are the simple steps to get you started:

  • Log into the ISC Customer Portal – this is where you’ll register your business!

  • Choose your business type – as a photographer, you’ll likely be a sole proprietor!

  • Reserve your name – choose something unique and memorable that you love. You’ll renew this every three years.

  • When you go to register as a sole proprietor at the Corporate Registry, you’ll need to have the following ready:

    • Reserved business name (reservation number)

    • Business address (the physical address, P.O. box numbers are not accepted)

    • Mailing address

    • The applicant’s full name and email address

    • Be ready to pay the fee, which is about $50!

Head to the ISC website for even more details and links!

Registering a Business in Your City

After your business is registered with the province, it’s time to get a business license in your city. Here are the links to do that in a few Saskatchewan cities!

Congrats, you’re officially registered!! But what do you do now??

Get Business Insurance

It’s time to get insurance! Seek out a financial broker – they’ll help you find the best option for your needs! I recommend World Financial Group: Saskatchewan Branch.

Create Photography Contracts

You’ll need to have contracts ready to protect you and your business! The CRM program, Honeybook, has contract templates to use with purchase. OR you can look into The Legal Page, which has US and Canadian contracts! If you’d like to work with a lawyer to create a contract, that usually starts around $500.

Set Up Your Streamlined Business Systems

Honeybook is also what I used for client management! I definitely recommend finding a CRM system that works for you. With Honeybook, I manage my inquiries, invoicing, payment schedules, expense tracking, client communication, and much more. Having a streamlined workflow makes ALL the difference in how you run your business – plus it improves your clients’ experiences!

In my opinion, it’s best to have some sort of system worked out even if you’ve only booked one client. It’s best to get it organized before it gets too cluttered and busy with several clients!

If you’re interested in Honeybook, I can give you 50% off through this link here!

Finance & Taxes for Your Photography Business

Here in Saskatchewan, we have two taxes you need to consider as a business owner! PST is the 6% you’ll charge on top of your package. You don’t need to worry about GST until you make more than $30,000 gross. (Remember, gross is the total amount of income, not your profit after considering all your business expenses.)

Find an accountant that specializes in small business to help you set up your bookkeeping. Honeybook has some bookkeeping features but isn’t as extensive as something like Quickbooks. Along with working with my accountant, I love Google Drive (I use it to organize SO much of my business) so I’ve created a Google Spreads template that works really well for me!

Photography Coaches in Saskatchewan

If you’re looking for more support as you start your photography business in Saskatchewan, I’d love to come alongside you and help!! I mentor new photographers through all the legal business stuff, content creation, marketing, photography gear, client communication, and so much more.

I offer one-on-one photography mentorships but if you’re looking for something less intensive, check out my 90-minute digital course or Digital products!

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